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Understanding your Medicare options is vital to your health. At Capital A Insurance, we know that Medicare can be confusing and frustrating. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions and help you make a simple, informed decision. The best part? We don’t charge you a dime.

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Our entire team is passionate about educating our local communities about their Medicare options. Whether you’re trying to retire before Medicare, on Medicare, or concerned about the high costs of Long-Term Care, we take the time to make sure you know your options and create a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans are a type of supplemental insurance that fills in the gaps left by Medicare Part A and Part B. There are 12 standardized Medigap plans. Every plan is identified by a letter (A-N) and each letter covers the gaps of Original Medicare differently. We’ll educate you on the different coverages and help you find the lowest rate for the plan that interests you.


Medicare Advantage plans, also knowns as Medicare Part C, are alternative insurance with extra benefits. These plans combine your hospital, medical, and usually prescription drug coverage into one plan. Many offer additional benefits for dental and vision care, hearing aids, gym memberships, and more! See if a $0 premium Advantage plan is available in your zip code.


Medicare Part D helps you manage the cost of prescription drugs. Even if you’re not currently taking any medications, we recommend you sign up for a Part D plan to avoid expensive penalties down the road. Discover how a stand-alone Part D plan can benefit you, or ask us about Medicare Advantage plans that include prescription drug coverage (MAPDs). 

Now is a good time to enroll in the right Medicare plan for you. We’ll ensure that the plan matches your health and budget — just fill out our form to get started!

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